Why pay for professional photography?

Photography is an investment. When you look back at your cherished family photos, you're probably not thinking "gee, what a waste of time and money." Locking in memories for a lifetime through beautiful and artistic photographs is a gift to yourself, and for future generations. 



Professional portraits help you put your best foot forward in a digital age. If you're in need of an artful portrait for your job, dating profile, or just to clean up your social media platforms, this is a good option for you. 

Prices vary from $125-$250 depending on the use of lighting and other studio equipment, desired editing, and/or travel. 


Couples and Engagement 

Capture this special time in your life with a beautiful set of photojournalistic portraits! My style is largely candid, with a few posed shots sprinkled in. I like to spend about 2 hours with a couple to get their personality shining through.

Prices vary from $175-$400 depending on the use of lighting equipment, travel, and editing.